Niche Tracking driver and fleet performance management solution helps you maximize revenues by cutting operational costs. Tackle performance at the driver level by transforming driving behavior. Optimize fleet operations with fleet tracking, mapping and reporting. Gain a clear competitive advantage by increasing safety and customer satisfaction and reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear-and-tear. Niche Tracking puts your fleet on track to business success.

Transform your safety and driving culture without burdening management or your drivers. Be with your drivers – every trip and every mile – and coach them in an automatic way, without having to invest in time-intensive training programs or ride-along:

Eliminate bad habits and driving decisions by receiving objective, real-time feedback of whenever a risky driving event occurs.

Niche Tracking analyzes acceleration, braking, lane handling, cornering, speeding and even captures compound events

Risky events are tabulated and translated into a single, simple metric for each driver and for your fleet.

Identify hot spots of intense idling or risky driving maneuvers. Use aggregated data to discover external factors impacting driver behavior and proactively manage your fleet. Decrease idle time for optimized fuel efficiency.

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