Niche Tracking Fleet Management is an easy-to-use GPS-enabled web-based tracking system. Fleet owners and managers can get real-time information and up-to-the-minute history reports about any covered fleet vehicle through an intuitive online interface and can Maximize Productivity with Feature-Rich Fleet management system.

Niche Tracking provides you with everything you need to manage your fl┬Čeet at peak efficiency. Locate a covered vehicle online and see its exact location on the map. Get its heading and current speed, all with a click of the mouse. View reports detailing all stops a vehicle has made along its route. Plus, get instant, automatic alerts sent via email whenever a vehicle arrives or departs at a preset destination.

In addition it helps to take advantage of fleet tracking system capabilities to change driver behavior, improve productivity and better understand real-time vehicle performance. Niche Tracking solutions include integrated route planning, enhanced planned vs. actual route performance with superior fleet monitoring and management of driver behavior (speeding, excessive idling, hard braking, etc.) and vehicle tracking (operating hours, maintenance, engine temperature, fuel level etc.).

Whether your fleet consists of two vehicles or two hundred, Niche Tracking Fleet makes it easier and more affordable than ever to keep tabs on your fleet and drivers. The comprehensive web-based interface lets you access live, GPS location data for every covered vehicle in your fleet, so you can operate your business with extraordinary efficiency.