Niche Tracking Fuel management systems are designed to effectively measure and manage the use of fuel within the transport network. Niche Tracking employs various methods and technologies to monitor and track moving fuel inventory and consumption. This information is transmitted in real time and stored in the system database and reports can be generated on order to:

  • Monitor fuel tank level, filling quantity, time and spot, consumption with respect to distance travelled or pilferage / drainage time quantity and location.
  • Track vehicle and driver performance and prepare detailed reports for assessing the financial impact.
  • Provide drivers with more fuel-efficient routes.
  • Pull together critical data into analytical and visual tools to make the best decisions about fuel management, as well as safety, compliance, and overall fleet efficiency.
  • Generate reports and scorecards on how drivers are contributing to fuel costs.

Niche Tracking fuel management system is fully reliable to help you keep fuel costs down and profits up. We have designed our System to help fleets managers better manage fuel consumption, vehicle and driver performance and fuel costs. At Niche Tracking, we understand your need to identify specific driver behaviors to correct bad habits and distinguish driving inefficiency from poor vehicle performance.

Our fuel management System can help you identify the least efficient drivers so you can take steps to correct their behavior quickly and encourage good driving. Our applications work together to help you monitor fuel costs and analyze fuel trends.

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