The use of refrigerator trucks, refrigerator cars, reefer ships, reefer containers, and refrigerated warehouses are all common parts of a cold chain.

Temperature Sensors helps monitor the temperature history of the truck, warehouses and the temperature history of the product being shipped which ultimately determines the shelf-life of the product in the refrigerator.

Niche Tracking’s temperature monitoring system provides user friendly regular updates regarding temperature status in refrigerated trucks and trailers and sends real-time alerts to dispatchers about any variances to corporate/product standards. 

Niche Tracking cold chain solutions provide transporters of refrigerated or frozen goods with a valid, audit-able, record of any refrigerated or frozen goods supply chain.  Niche Tracking provides real-time temperature alerts via email or SMS or management console.

Common causes of temperature variance such as doors left open or compressor overheating can also be monitored so that the root causes of problems can be quickly identified. Quality control or maintenance staff can be alerted so repairs can be expedited; potentially avoiding a costly loss of cargo.

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